Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay for the first meeting?

No. In fact you don't pay for the first two meetings. First, we need to understand if we are a fit. You are interviewing us as your Fiduciary and Wealth Advisor, and we are interviewing you as our client. Our relationship is not a transaction. It needs to feel right for all parties involved.

Our first meeting is an Introductory Chat, and our second is Exploration. At the end of the Exploration meeting, we will quote the exact fee to work together. If we agree we are not fit, we recommend another fiduciary who might suit your needs or reach back out when you are ready.

Are you a fiduciary?

Yes! Our clients entrust us to manage assets and their wealth, and if they exist, we disclose conflicts of interest before and during our engagement. We have also adopted a code of ethics, signed a fiduciary oath, and fully disclose how we are compensated.

What does "fee-only" mean?

Fee-Only Financial Planners may be paid by retainer, as a percentage of Assets Under Management (AUM), hourly, or as a flat fee. We charge based on what is in your best interest and is most cost-effective for you.

What is a CFP®?

For more than 30 years, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification has been the standard of excellence for financial planners. CFP® professionals have met extensive training and experience requirements and commit to CFP Board's ethical standards that require them to put their clients' interests first. That's why partnering with a CFP® professional gives consumers confidence today and a more secure tomorrow.

What is a RLP®

A Registered Life Planner® focuses on the human side of financial planning. In Financial Life Planning, an RLP® discovers a client’s most profound goals through a mindfulness-based, non-judgmental inquiry. Then, using professional and advanced relationship skills, an RLP® inspires clients to pursue their aspirations and resolves obstacles, creating a concrete Financial Life Plan.

What do AUA and AUM refer to?

Assets Under Advisement - or AUA - is inclusive of, but not limited to, checking/savings, taxable accounts, vested equity compensation, IRAs, college savings accounts, HSAs and employer plans such as 401(k)/403(b)/457 plans. Equity compensation in private companies will be included using the most recent IRS 409A valuation. Equity in primary residence and other illiquid investments are excluded. Assets Under Advisement is used to determine our fee for Financial Life Management. 

Assets Under Management - or AUM - refers to the investments you choose to have us manage for you through a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA). When we manage investment accounts for you, these accounts pay our advisory fee. You can see our AUM-based fee schedule in our ADV brochures, linked at the bottom of our site. 

Do you manage investments?

Yes! Investment Management is certainly something we do for our clients. We develop portfolios that are tailored to your goals, dreams, time horizon, and level of risk you are comfortable with.

We can help you manage your existing investments or design a portfolio from scratch. Most Financial Planners, Financial Advisors, and Investment Professionals only work with clients if they manage their money. The Horst Group doesn't do that! If you choose to manage your own portfolio, while engaging us for Financial Life Management, that's fine too!

Does it matter where I'm located?

Nope. We use the latest technology and security to work with our clients globally. While our main office is in Denver we enjoy travel and meeting you where you are, even if only on occasion. 

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