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Client Focus

“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.” ~ Arthur Ashe

This has always spoken to me because it taps into my calling to serve and help people in their lives. As a Financial Advisor, that calling ultimately takes the form of delivering people into financial freedom. 

As the son of a single mom with three kids, I especially enjoy working with women – ‘breadwinners’ or head-of-household and who may be divorced or widowed.

We are also a champion for fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community and others with our unique financial planning considerations.

We have a passion for guiding younger professionals in managing their finances, avoiding easily avoidable mistakes, and working towards financial freedom.

Client Testimonials


I am truly grateful to be working with Jonathan. Three years ago I was making my way through a divorce and knew I would need help managing my investments, but was not impressed by the CFPs I was interviewing — and then I sat down with Jonathan. His authenticity and warmth changed the equation!

I really appreciate his attentiveness to my goals and concerns, creativity in planning for both, and flexibility and responsiveness when something changes. I decided just 3 months ago that I wanted to buy a new home, with a yard and pool for my kids and lots of room for friends to join us; Jonathan and the team did an amazing job pulling together the information and funds I needed and within a month I’d signed on our new place — we’re in, the kids are loving it, and I’m feeling great that I was able to do this for my family.

What a relief to have a financial team that treats me with respect, though I’m not versed in the particulars of investment strategy, and who are happy to educate me as we work through those particulars. With Jonathan’s help I am building my assets and my knowledge — it’s an empowering collaboration!

Jacob & Jason

Jonathan is a partner to us as we navigate our professional and personal goals. He is adept helping us explore and build financial strategies that work for us. He is responsive, reliable, and a skilled listener. Jonathan understands our values and goals as part of the LGBTQ+ community and has helped us translate those values into action.

He has been a thought partner to us and has helped us not only with managing our investments and retirement but also in insurance, home purchasing, long-term planning, and supporting our tax planning. We have been able to rely on Jonathan in managing our long-term finances in alignment with our goals—giving us freedom; both day-to-day, to focus on our careers and recreation, and to dream and plan what we want to accomplish in the future.


I’ve been working with Jonathan for the last four years. I reached out to get help with company RSUs, ISOs, NSOs, taxes, and how to invest. Jonathan took the time to make sure I understood all this new terminology and I now have a much better understanding of this space. He has been a great mentor who’s very approachable, thorough, and empowering with every level of question. With Jonathan’s help I feel comfortable about my future and that I can achieve my financial goals of buying a house and an early retirement.

*Selection method for these testimonials was to pick three of the Advisor’s current longest term current clients, chosen based on demographics representative of Advisor’s target markets: LGBTQ, Women and Gen XY Professionals. None of the clients were paid and there are no material conflicts of interest.